We tried, we ate, we conquered!

Howdy family and friends! 

What have we been up to this week you ask? well ask no more!

On Monday we received a different looking fruit. I think I need to show you instead of tell you... 

We had sweet peppers!!! A first for a few of us, a new experience meant a new challenge. As a class we sat in a circle and did it together. Some of us were a bit sceptical because we were very sure it was going to super hot (chilli peppers). 

Here's our reaction...Listen for the crunches hahahah 

We learnt that although we didn't eat it all we learnt a valuable lesson. Trying new things is good because we learn whether we like it or not. Stay tuned for our next blog on our trip too the Stardome.


  1. My class thought they were chilis so when I started eating them, some decided to try and share the experience, some liked... Others not so much 😊 nice work Aroha 6 😊


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