You made it back too us which mean you read our previous blog! 

Yesterday the Aroha syndicate went to the Stardome in Onehunga to learn more about our topic of space. 

Here are the photos that we were able to capture before technology died... 

We really enjoyed playing with the different screens and learning about the phases of the moon, the parts of a rocket ship, how moon buggies work and also how astronauts fit into a space rocket!

I learnt that small things go around big things  (Amelya)

The sun is a star (Iziah)

It takes 365 days for the Earth to travel around the sun (Nevaeh)

The moon is always in the sky (Richard)

The parts of the Earth is the North Pole, South Pole and The Equator. (Nikki)

We look forward to sharing our thinking with you throughout this term. 


  1. Amazing Aroha 6. I am glad you guys had a fantastic day 😊 awesome learning from here too 😊


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