Tongan Language Week

What a privilege it was to be able to show our support of one of the many pacific cultures we have at Rowandale School. 

Such a great start to the week with the opening ceremony where we learnt about some of the traditional clothes and practices that the people of Tonga participate in. 

We learnt about the Taovala and how there are different mats that are worn to certain occasions. One of the occasions Taovalas would be worn would be to church to show respect for the traditions of their forefathers.  

The girls were adorned with dancing Taovalas and Kahoa which are necklaces made out of shells. Their bodies were sparkling and their smiles confirmed the love and pride they had for their culture. 

Jessie Ilavalu the only performer from Aroha 6 looking gorgeous

 One of the challenges we had was to make a Kiekie or a Fakahaapai to wear to the assembly on Friday. This was our attempt, we used ribbons and tapa cloth for the waste band.  


  1. What a cool blog #Aroha6 ... thank you for celebrating Tongan Language Week 2018 ... love your photos ... more awesome learning happening at @RowandaleSchool


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