This Wednesday Rowandale Teachers alongside a lot of other teachers came together all over NZ to strike because:
  • Schools cannot fill vacancies or find relievers to cover classes. 
  • Teachers are leaving the profession for other sectors.
  • Less people are putting their hands up to train to become teachers.
  • Schools are struggling with unmet additional learning needs for their students.
We are grateful for your support whanau in the way you trust us with your children, you make time to talk to us and keep us in the loop, you celebrate your childs success and you CARE. 

Lets hope we have made a great enough impact to teach these tamariki living in our Rowandale Community. 


  1. Thanks for your blog #Aroha6 and thanking our parents and community of @RowandaleSchool for supporting our teachers #KuaTaeTeWa


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