Week 5 Samoan Language Week

On Thursday after morning tea we went to the hall to do our samoan language booklet and to make Koko Alaisa. Mrs Lolo helped us to make Koko Alaisa in the kitchen. We used rice, coconut cream, koko, lemon leaves and sugar. 

First we had to wash the rice.
Second, we tipped the water out and then put the pot on the stove. 
Third, we cut up the Koko and then Mrs Lolo put some sugar into the pot then she stirred it. 
Fourth, we put in the coconut cream and the lemon leaves.  

The Koko Alaisa tasted different - Sylvia 
The Koko Alaisa tasted like Rice - Nevaeh
The Koko Alaisa tasted like cocoa - Taileecia

We had to wait for the Koko Alaisa to cool down because it was very hot!

When we finished eating out Koko Alaisa we were dancing to Savalivali Maia. We learnt this dance in the classroom and we learnt the girls and boys actions. 

 Here are some of the students in our class in their traditional clothes we think they look pretty and cool.

We went to the hall to see people do samoan dancing.

Lili was chosen to go to the Staffroom to eat some Samoan delicacy. This is what he had to say about the food that he ate:
I had sapasui and rice, it tasted good but it wasn't better than my Mums :)  


  1. Great job at participating in many of the Samoan activities during the week.

  2. Faafetai Tele Lava #Aroha6 for your blog about #VaiasoOLeGaganaSamoa at @RowandaleSchool Malo


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