Parent Reading Evening

On Wednesday we had an evening for parents to learn tips they can use to improve their children's reading in the home. We had a few workshops run by the Tumanako and Aroha teachers that focused on using word activities in the home, the use of reading eggs, the influence poetry can have on children, strategies we can use in the home to encourage our reluctant readers, how much time we need to spend on reading and what is the point of reading if I don't know where my kids are. 

We were very honoured to have Mary from the Public Library in our school to share with us teachers and parents the importance and easiness of having a library card and the events that are coming up in the community. 

There was an awesome out pouring of sharing in terms of company and also knowledge. We look forward to the next workshop next term :)


  1. I agree #Aroha6 it was a great afternoon for parents at @RowandaleSchool ... it was awesome to see Mary from #ClendonLibrary there!


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