Drinking water in Aroha 6

This week we are drinking water because we wanted to see if water does really make us stronger and make our brain work a lot faster. 

Each break we will be drinking a half a cup of water or a decent drink from our water bottles to see if it has any effect on our learning and attention in the classroom. 

This morning we decorated our cups with our names to help us take ownership of our property and also so we could all drink at the same time. 

We all went to the water fountain as a class to learn how to fill up the jugs carefully for us to drink at our next break.

Water is healthy because it makes us strong - Jessie 

Water is healthy for you- Diana

We drink the water from the tap - Raniera

Water can make you grow up - Sylvia

Water is healthy - Amelya

If we drink water we can grow up and have muscles like boys - Hazel

Water can make you survive and it can make us full - Liliuilifau

Water makes us dance on the stage and get our money to give to people who live on the road - TJ


  1. Do you think the water washes you on the inside when you drink it, just like it washes and cleans you on the outside?

    1. Tehaniarii - yes I think it washes the indside of my body
      Hazel - Yes because it helps to make our throats be less dry
      Northern Blue - No, because my body doesn't get clean
      Raniera - :)

  2. Well done #Aroha6 for sharing about the importance of #Water ... I really liked your #TeamAroha performance on Water at today’s @RowandaleSchool assembly


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