What did we do on week 2?

We started off the week with some touch and go balancing with Coach Shannon and Coach Chaz from Manukau Sports. We were super excited too get out and run around with the coaches and to practice our balancing using the 'pancakes'.

We also had the great surprise of the opening of our schools new bike track! Whaea Lois blessed the track and Mr Vasau reminded us of the equipment we needed if we were to use the track. We need to have a helmet, a hi-vis and comfortable shoes. We are only allowed to use our bikes on the tracks no wheely shoes, no scooters and no running or walking feet. The next time you come to school come and check it out :) 

As promised, here is our writing wall, so far we have 4 pieces of writing on our wall for this term:
1. NZ Opera 
2. Sefa and Tume
3. The Bike Track 
4. Our family/Mothers Day writing

Congratulations to Nevaeh and TJ for winning our overall term 'coming to school everyday and ontime' award. Your determination to come to school everyday and to complete ALL of your set homework and school learning is magnificent!!! Keep it up and hopefully we will have more of our class get rewarded for their determination to come to school everyday too. 

To finish off our week we made listening ears to help us with our "Letters and Sounds" approach where we need to first learn how to listen. Each time we go on nature walks we use our headbands to remember the sounds we can hear around us. Look at our super cheesy smiles :D


  1. Great job, Nevaeh and TJ! I am so proud of your great efforts.
    Aroha 6, your ears are amazing. I hope they help you hear all the sounds you need for learning to read and write.


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