Welcome bacccck!

The week that was, back into the learning with full swing with a new home learning programme, reading tumbles all go and the spirit in the classroom was like we never left!

A massive welcome to the Ilavalu whanau who joined our classroom this week! We welcome you to Aroha 6 Jessie and to Rowandale School. 

To kick start our learning this week we looked into our Inquiry Topic which is WATER! we had some very interesting ideas about what water is and were able to give some ideas as to how we want to direct our learning. 

On Friday we were in for a real treat, we had the NZ Opera visit us and introduce all of us to different genre of music. 

We all had a great time and especially loved following the love story! Our favourite part was when the characters would be silly with their faces and their jokes. 

Stay tuned to see our published pieces of writing.


  1. Will look forward to these future blogs #Aroha6 ... great to see you are all focussed and your teacher has some awesome lessons planned ... Inquiry is important at @RowandaleSchool and so I look forward to seeing how your Water inquiry goes!

  2. It is great to hear that you returned to school with enthusiasm and are back to learning.
    I wonder if any of A6 will be opera singers when they grow up, or scientists that do research into water? Seeds are being planted in young minds.


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