Week 8

What a week its been, hearing our tamariki have been having accidents on the road we set out as a class to ensure we all knew how to use the pedestrian crossing. 

1. Walk to the side of the street holding an adults hand
 2. Look both ways before you cross the street
3. Walk quickly and do not play on the road

Stay tuned to see our awesome writing!!

Lately, the Opal reading group has been struggling recognising our letters in our reading so we focused on finding them on keyboards by typing our spelling words. Something we learnt is that capital letters are very different from lower case letters.   

 Our shared book this week was about a hungry giant who got very angry because he was very hungry. He was very mean and would bully the town people into making him food too eat. We decided to make a salad for the giant hoping that it would make him happier because eating healthy food makes us happy too.


  1. Thank you #Aroha6 for reinforcing the #RoadSafetyMessage ... Too many @RowandaleSchool students are endangering themselves ... lets make sure we keep ourselves safe!


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