Week 7

This week Mr Vasau went into hospital, to send a piece of us with him during his operation and his recovery we made hearts for him using a collage technique. We love you to pieces Mr Vasau. 

 We all come to school in with our hair nicely done, our correct uniform and our very well practiced smiles at the camera. 

Later on that same week we had park and walk which was a great success!! Im confident we all remembered how to cross the road correctly, looking both ways and stopping to make sure the cars stop. 

Congratulaitons to Aroha 9 for hosting our Aroha assembly we thoroughly enjoyed your whole class poems. Fantastic effort also to the winners from Aroha 6 Gianni and TJ for your magnificent effort during the last week.

 Friday fun Spelling day antics! During the mornings on Fridays we will be doing hands on activities to consolidate the words we need to know. Some activities are shaving foam, coloured felts, chalk on the footpath and writing in the sand. 

 For our shared book we read Dragons, Dragons, Dragons! we made our very own moving Dragons which we had to use our cutting skills to keep all the body parts in-tact. Below are our finished products.


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