Week 6

This week we started off our Monday morning with a whole school assembly. It was great to see a lot of children come to school and be ready in the correct school uniform. 
Congratulations to our winners in Aroha 6 for recieving the Respect awards (Liliuilifau Melu, Hamiora Nuku and Travel Henry) and the Duffy prizes (Nevaeh Simi and Taileecia Nuttall-Whata).

We were blown away with Tumanako's loud and proud singing about the Taniwha that went swimming in the MOANA! It felt like the whole school was singing.

This week was our last week of swimming and we spent it working on our confidence to move around in the water, put our heads under the water and to begin to breathe with only our mouths under the water. We really enjoyed our swimming this term was able to spend it with Aroha 7 yesterday. We used to noodles as seahorses to have races from the one end to the other end of the pool. Even though we were exhausted we were so lucky to know we have a pool of our very own to learn how we can be safe in and around the water. 

We went on our trip to Totara Park today and we went on the bus with Aroha 9 and Tumanako 28! It was so much fun and excitement waiting to get to Totara Park we were singing and trying to have battles with who could sing the loudest.

 When we got there we set up a place where we could put our bags and then we went for a walk around to the places we could and couldn't go. We checked out the awesome playground that was there but for some of us it was a bit too high but we were all helping one another to come down the ladder like how we do when we're in the pool. 

 At 11:00 was our time to swim so we quickly ate our lunch, put our swimming togs on and headed towards the pool. It was soooo cold! but we soon got used to it the more we splashed and dived under the water. Look at all the fun we had!

 With our swimming done for the day we ate again (to keep up our energy) and went to play a range of games on the grass. We played Soccer, Circle Passes, Statues, Over-Under and also Duck,Duck, Goose. By this time alot of us were getting tired and a little grumpy so we set off on a hikoi (walk) to the other playground. 
On our walk to the other playground we saw a bridge where we talked about animals that we would find in the stream that ran under the bridge. Some of us saw crocodiles under the bridge! 
We made it too the playground!!! We really liked this ride because we could go really fast! 

Our end of the day shot clearly shows we had so much fun together as a class all we wanted to do was to lay down and wait for the buses to arrive. As you can tell Miss Ngatuakana was definitely tired because the photo is shocking!! Thank you so much to our parent helpers that turned up. Hazel's Dad and Nevaeh's Dad we are so grateful for your help in keeping us in line and also reminding us to use our listening ears and give everything a go. 

Thank you also to our Teacher Aides who helped us Mrs Lolo and Mena for looking after us, getting us changed and making sure we always had Kai to eat. 

Another field-trip done and dusted. Thank you whanau who came to the park and also those who consented for your children to enjoy such an amazing day with their friends at Rowandale School.  

We have a Mufti day tomorrow to fundraise for Tonga and their unfortunate encounter with Cyclone Gita. Each child is to bring a gold coin if they wish to be in Mufti. We also have a Bake Sale starting at 8am so come early to get your sugary fix. 


  1. Tu Meke Aroha 6! So cool to see you applying what you have learned from swimming at school, at Totara Park! Aroha 6 children... are so lucky to have an amazing teacher. Looks like you had so much fun at the Picnic.


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