Week 4 & 5

Kia Ora whanau, morning tea's have got a whole lot more exciting with the introduction of games run by the senior leaders and Miss Tagicakibau. Some games to name a few that we've loved were soccer, netball and tag!

 Here are some pictures of the "Meet the Parent" night that happened. Thank you for all the parents who were able to meet with me and share the successes their children were making so early on in the term! 

 For our inquiry this term we are looking at the different countries that we come from and comparing them to the New Zealand culture. We  looked at the Tongan and New Zealand flags and found that they both had the colour red on their flags but Tonga didn't have a Union Jack because they already have a King that rules over them!!!

We made some awesome worms from the shared poem that we looked at which was called "Noke" it was also written in Maori which we also could say without the words! 
In the past few days the weather has been EXTREMELY hot and we have had to get out of the class a bit to cool off. We really love going under a nice shady tree to eat delicious fold-overs with our refreshing cold milk!

We have been buddy reading with our buddy class lately but wanted to know what it felt like when we read to eachother. We had to remember to:
1. Look at the person who is speaking 
2. Speak clearly if we are reading and 
3. Ask questions about what was read

We got these super different looking fruit in our containers this week. This fruit is called Kiwi Berries. It's a Kiwi Fruit in the shape and size of a berry. Some of us liked it some of us didn't but it was good that we all had a try before we made our judgements.

I have found lately that our fruit was getting wasted so now we cut up our fruit which feeds us that much more. 

There is always plenty to go around and we can smash a whole container of fruit in one sitting!

 Congratulations to Boston and Chris for receiving our awards at our Aroha Assembly. Boston had made a great transition into our class and Chris had moved up 5 reading levels since the beginning of the term. Tino Pai tama ma. 

 Mrs Atkins and Aroha 2 lead the assembly and did an amazing job! They were well behaved on the stage and reminded us that we are all unique and that we are all different and that is a good thing! 


  1. Awesome buddy reading Aroha 6 . It is very important to make sure when reading out loud you are heard by the person you are reading too. That is great learning.

    Can't wait to see what you come up with for your inquiry.


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