Our second week of school!

Hello again family and friends! This week has been an amazing in the way we had a nearly full week at school, all our friends are starting to come back to school and it was Waitangi Day!

In the pictures below we had to create a design a town for our writing. We had to give it a name, places where people would live, how they would get food and lastly how they would get around (transport). 

It was so inspiring too see all the different ideas the children had in some using buggies as transports, living situations were hotels and even people thinking about having schools to learn in and other things like the pools or parks to keep their town entertained.

Later on after we had done our towns/cities we went to the floor and shared 1 thing we liked about our pictures. Miss Ngatuakana took all of our pictures and started to rip pieces of our towns apart taking the things we enjoyed and tried so hard to make. 

The lesson behind that action was to make it known to the children that this was a reality to the Treaty of Waitangi, this is what happened before there was some peace on the land. People would steal things and in retaliation there would be wars i.e. Land Wars. They did not like that I had stole from them and said they were annoyed, angry, sad and wanted revenge. This was a great way to identify how we need to treat others, what we need to do to solve problems the right way. 

This week we had the opportunity to go for our first swimming session! We swim every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and practiced the correct way to enter and exit the pool and also practiced different ways to move around on the pool floor i.e. bouncing, walking and running. 

Before we even got into the pool we had to read the school pool rules to remind ourselves what we can and cannot do in and around the pool area to keep safe.  

 The after effects of our swimming session, we had the chance to lie in the hot sun to get warm before our long walk back to class.

To end a full on week we had a special Powhiri to welcome all the new teachers and students that started at Rowandale School. I must say our singing and our haka powhiri was the best i've seen yet at Rowandale School. I got goosebumps all over and was filled with PRIDE knowing our new teachers and students felt our love for them through the way we sang. 

Our buddy class visited and read to us the books they had been reading that week. In return we practiced our "Good Buddy" tips which is:
1. Listen with your ears and
2. Look at the speaker
We love spending time with our Buddy Class!


  1. #RSroom6 your blogs are getting better and better ... thank you for sharing about what we have been up to at @RowandaleSchool ... Your #WaitangiDay activity looked fun and informative and a great way to teach you about the treaty and what it means for #Maori


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